How to Play: Truth or Dare – 25 Dares & 25 Questions for Party-goers

Truth or Dare is a classic game known for making any party full of extreme fun or embarrassment! Whether you’re playing with your friends, co-workers, or family members, you’re sure to find out their most coveted secrets, biggest fears, and weirdest habits. Just be sure not to go too far that you ruin a relationship… or two.

How do you play Truth or Dare you ask? The number of Truth or Dare questions you can ask are limitless, you simply ask or dare anything, from daring to smell funky socks to revealing your crush and more. Every party-goer must choose whether he or she wishes to answer a truth question or complete a dare.

Hot to Play Truth or Dare

While it is classic and enjoyable for many, it can become a bit extreme in the complexities of the truths and dares. For this reason, it’s important to set boundaries and rules in place so that everyone playing feels comfortable participating.

There’s no official set of rules for playing, so this makes the game itself pretty flexible for all party goers.

The Game of Truth or Dare

The exact origins of Truth or Dare are unknown; however, the game may have originated during the early 1700s as depicted in some early paintings. The original variation of the game in the 1700s was coined, “Questions and Commands,” and was usually played during special holiday get-togethers on Christmas and Thanksgiving. 

The way the game was played back then doesn’t differ much from how it is played nowadays. Simply, the commander of the game would choose someone of their liking and demand that person to answer whatever question they asked of them. If the person demanded to answer the question refused, then they were forced to perform a command or face another harmless fate.

Through the years, Questions and Commands transpired into Truth or Dare. Nowadays, the game has taken on a less formal approach, and participants are free to ask and dare whatever they are comfortable and with whomever.

“Truth or dare is a great way to learn more about your friends. Maybe more than you ever wanted to know. And if they insist on remaining secretive at least you get to be entertained by the, doing outrageous dares.”

Source: Conversations Starters World

Although there exist several different variations of the game today, the core theme of Truth or Dare still remains the same even though how players go about asking truth questions and choosing dares differs in some ways. This is what makes Truth or Dare so versatile, the fact that it can be played to the players liking.

How to Play Truth or Dare

There are several ways in which Truth or Dare can be played, with each method adding its own twist. One method of the game involves players compiling a bunch of folded slips, each with one truth question or dare on it, and mixing them up into a bin or pile. 

One person from the group is designated the “questioner” and can choose any one of the other players to either answer to a truth or dare. Whoever is chosen must then select one of the truth or dare folded slips, read it to the rest of the group.

If the person chooses a truth question and does not want to answer it, then they must forfeit and perform a dare. 

Typically, the player is not able to change the truth or dare they chosen or been given; however, this can be changed as it is up to you and the other players’ preference. 

“The game requires at least three players, and more than seven or eight makes it too long. Ask people to play that you know will get into the spirit of a game that can get embarrassing and weird!”

Source: Three Ways to Play Truth or Dare

To make the game even more fun, you can incorporate an easy method of choosing who has to answer a truth question or perform a dare. By using a bottle as a spinner or another method of random selection, you can replace having to have someone become the designated questioner. This not only gets rid of player bias, but it also adds an exciting touch to the game.

Some additional variations of Truth or Dare are:

  • The Inescapable Dare—the good thing about the classic variation is that players are given free will to choose whether they want to face a truth question or a dare. In this variation, there is no escaping with freedom of choice. You simply must answer or do whatever truth question or dare is given to you. The players will not have a choice as to whether they can choose truth or dare, diminishing the opportunity to play the game safe the whole time. 
  • The Pick-Your-Dare—for this variation, the person given the dare can opt-out of it if they don’t want to do it. The rest of the players will then each pick a new dare that the designated person has to now choose from.

Granted you are old enough to drink, you can also incorporate a favorite alcoholic beverage of yours, but just in case you’re not, you can also use soda or any other non-alcoholic beverage. For some of the truths or dares, you can replace them with a task such as taking a shot or drinking a nasty concoction of something your friend whipped up in the kitchen! 

Truth or Dare Questions

When it comes to the actual truth or dare questions and commands, it’s important to make sure everyone is comfortable before you start playing. Try not to choose truth questions and dares that would harm or hurt anyone. Remember, this is supposed to be fun; after all, it’s just a game.


1. What is something your fear the most?

Is it spiders, dying, the monster under your bed, perhaps? What’s the one thing that keeps you up at night?

2. What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had in your life?

It could be that time you slipped in the cafeteria in front of the whole school, including your crush. Include every detail like who, what, when, and where!

3. Name three celebrity crushes.

Brad Pitt? Beyoncé, even? Who’s a celebrity you just can’t deny your love for?

4. If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be?

All those embarrassing moments in which you wish you could have been invisible, consider your wish granted now! Choose wisely, though; you only get one. Mind control might come in handy by the end of the game… just saying, secrets could be revealed, things could get intense!

5. What’s something you do when no one is looking?

Trust me, we all do some questionable things when no one is looking. Do you drink milk from the carton, pick your nose, blast music and dance in your underwear? I can’t promise you won’t be judged, but you certainly won’t have a guilty conscience anymore!

6. What is a bad habit of yours?

Once again, we all have bad habits, and it’s just a matter of how bad yours are. Sometimes it’s something as minor biting your nails or waiting last minute for everything.

7. What’s the weirdest habit of yours?

This is something I can’t promise that everyone has, but who knows, right? That’s the point of the game, getting to know everyone on a much deeper level, even your friend of who likes to bite their toenails.

8. Who was your first kiss, and where were you?

Was it your crush, a secret admirer, your significant other? Give all the juicy details. We want to know!

9. Have you ever cheated on a test?

Perhaps it was second grade, and you and your best friend were just trying to “help” each other. Or it was on your final English exam senior year, and you knew exactly what you were doing.

10. Have you ever lied during a job interview or on a resume and gotten away with it?

How can they expect you to have five years of experience, and you just graduated from college? A little white lie can go a long way… unless you didn’t and it cost you your job and those five years of experience you never had.

11. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

Some people hate the sound of people chewing or the sound of nails on a chalkboard, that’s the worse! 

12. If you could go back in time and fix one mistake you’ve made, what would it be?

It might be that time you decided against your will to play a harmless game of Truth or Dare that turned into a nightmare after you accepted the dare to send an embarrassing selfie to your boss.

13. What is your greatest weakness?

Is it your insecurity, your inability to ride a bike, wanting to be the best all the time? We all have a weakness. Maybe there’s someone in the group you didn’t even know could be weak.

14. What is your greatest strength?

Regardless of what it is, there’s something in all of us that can be considered a strength. Are you really good at singing and dancing, or is it something deeper like your ability to relate to others well?

15. What was your first job, and how long did it last?

This is often a fun question and can reveal a lot about each of the players. Who knew your CEO best friend used to work at a fast-food drive-thru before being fired for eating fries on the job! 

16. Name four of your favorite qualities about yourself? They can be physical, personality, etc.

Here’s your chance to revel in your own spotlight! What’s something you admire about yourself? Is your smile, great legs, or the fact that you’re able to make anyone laugh? This is also a fun one to ask because some party-goers might enjoy actually being asked to talk about themselves positively for once.

17. Do you have a bucket list, and if so, what’s one thing you MUST do before you die?

Has it always been your dream to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower or for my fellow daredevils, go skydiving thousands of feet up in the air? You’d be surprised what some people have on their bucket list or better yet, that some people don’t have a bucket list at all.

18. What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on?

This one always brings up great memories. Share about that time you went to the beach for the first time and felt the sand beneath your feet or that family vacation you took the Caribbean last summer. 

19. Have you ever traveled abroad, and if so, where?

Tell the group about your first experience abroad and all the adventures in between. Maybe you’ll find another travel buddy amongst the other party-goers if you’re lucky.

20. Name a childhood best friend and how you met them.

Is it one of your fellow party-goers or a mutual friend even? Are you still friends? The power of friendship can prevail over all things, even an enjoyingly awkward game of Truth or Dare! 

21. Name a lie you’ve told your parents and if you got away with it.

Hopefully, one or both of your parents isn’t part of the game, and if so, you might want to tell them to cover their ears if it involves anything that could damage a relationship… or two.

22. Have you ever pulled a prank on someone, and if so, explain who was pranked and how.

If it involves any of the party-goers, hopefully, there’s no beef, and you’ve reached the point where you can all look back at it and laugh. As long as the prank didn’t do much harm, it shouldn’t bring up any hard feelings, right?

23. What’s your guilty pleasure?

You might want to think hard on this question, and if your guilty pleasure is really worth revealing, if not, maybe opt for the dare instead. Do you enjoy peanut butter on Oreos, getting a good deal on a clearance item, popping that annoying pimple on your forehead?

24. If you could be stuck on a deserted island with anyone here, who would it be and why?

This question might lead to a few hard feelings, so choose wisely and be sure to explain why you’d rather be stuck on the island with your best friend instead of your own sibling. Might I suggest choosing someone in the group you have been able to tolerate the most throughout the whole game?

25. Name something you regret most in your life.

This one always gets everyone’s attention. With this truth question, players have the opportunity to make themselves vulnerable to the rest of the group and really open up. It doesn’t always end the party on a happy note, depending on the depth of the regrets, but it’s a great bonding topic.


26. Choose a random contact on your phone to call and ask them what they find most annoying about you.

This is probably one of the least favorites dares on this list. Maybe if you’re lucky, it’ll be someone who can deliver bad news in a positive manner.

27. Choose a random contact on your phone to call and ask them what they like most about you.

It could be your mom, dad, or best friend. Ask them what they find most likable about you.

28. Do your best impression of anyone in the group.

Try to find something funny or lighthearted about that person to impersonate, don’t be mean and impersonate something they can’t help like the way they look. If it’s the way your best friend drives their car or talks on the phone, have away at it!

29. Let someone from the group prank call any contact in your phone.

If someone’s designated questioner, give them your phone and let them choose a random contact from your phone to call. If you’re not comfortable with that, you can also give them a list of people from your phone. They can choose from to prank call.

30. Reveal the longest you’ve gone without taking a shower.

Sure, this is a gross dare; no one wants to be judged for bad hygiene, especially by strangers. Sometimes life gets busy, and you can’t take a shower, we’ve all done it… right?

31. Give the person to your right a barefoot message.

May the person to your right have the cleanest smell-free feet. If not, good luck! Also, you do have to give them a barefoot message with your BARE hands for at least 30 seconds.

32. Talk in a foreign accent for the next 10-15 minutes of the game.

This dare is especially hard because it’s so easy to forget that you have to keep talking in a foreign accent for the designated amount of time. If you want to make things even more complicated, you can put in place a penalty for whenever you forget to stay in character.

33. Stand in the middle of the room and lip-synch to a song of the group’s choosing.

This is more or less entertainment for the rest of the group, I mean, who wouldn’t want to see you obnoxiously lip-synch to that favorite pop song from the 2000s? Perhaps this dare should be reserved for the less outgoing player in the group. It can help them loosen up a bit.

34. Do 20 push-ups without stopping.

For the love of whoever is doing the push-ups, please don’t let them hurt themselves showing off, that goes for you too. By the end of this dare, you’ll get a good workout and maybe even impress that special someone in the room.

35. Send a love email to an old or current crush.

So, get those Shakespearean love vibes pumping and send an email full of love to a past or current romantic interest of your choice. Maybe you can block them afterward, so you don’t have to face the repercussions, or if you’re lucky, maybe they’ll answer back flattered.

36. Put an ice cube down your shirt and let it stay until it melts.

This is pretty easy if you’re not afraid of a little ice. Just put an ice cube down your shirt and muster up the courage to let it melt.

37. Give the person to your left your phone and let them post any picture from your camera roll on a social media profile of their choosing.

First and foremost, make sure you’re comfortable with letting someone do this. The safe way of doing this dare is to identify which photos you are comfortable with letting someone post on your social media. If you want to add a twist to this dare, you can make the requirement that the photo has to stay posted for at least 24 hours.

38. Give an honest description of your first impression of every group member.

Given your approach to this dare, this one can either make or break the festivities. If you’re brave enough and everyone else in the group is too, you can collectively agree whether bad impressions are off-limits or not. At the end of the day, it doesn’t hurt to make someone’s day by telling them what great of an impression they made, but it’s even juicier to say a bad impression.

39. Give the exact amount of money in your bank account.

This one will put every in the group at ease if they’ve been wondering who here has the biggest bank account. This dare is sure to be a hit amongst co-workers as well. If you find out your co-worker seems to be making a lot more than you, maybe this will prompt you to ask for a raise.

40. Do 50 jumping jacks while blindfolded.

Again, whoever does this dare is going to get an even better workout. 50 jumping jacks while blindfolded is a lot harder than it seems, especially once your blood gets pumping, and the room starts spinning after the 15th jumping jack.

41. Send a random selfie to one of your ex-lovers.

No need to worry about this dare if you’re in good standing with all of your ex-lovers and all the better if you don’t have any ex-lovers at all. Choose a random selfie, good or bad, to one of your ex-lovers, no caption, no explanation, nothing. 

42. Give the person to your right $10.

Not having any cash on you is no excuse in this case. There’s PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Qube Money, get the transactions going! Your bank account may not be happy with this dare, but the person to your right certainly will.

43. Yell at the top of your lungs anytime someone says “and” for the next three minutes.

Usually reserved for one of the quieter members, this dare is sure to steal the show for the next three minutes every time someone says “and,” starting now!

44. Critique every group member’s outfit. 

Once again, how you choose to go about doing this is up to everyone participating. Does the person next you have a skirt on you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing? Do you love that new pair of sneakers the person on the opposite side has on? You could go either way.

45. Let someone from the group apply makeup to your face with their eyes closed.

Oddly enough, this might bring out the inner fashionista in some of the party-goers. Let someone from the group apply a full face of makeup on you with their eyes closed or blindfolded. You might even leave the game looking like a next top model if the person has great coordination!

46. Take a shot of hot sauce.

Find the hottest of hot sauces in the nearest pantry and take a shot. 

47. Allow someone from the group to wrap you up in toilet paper.

Who doesn’t love a good toilet paper outfit? It’s sustainable and available at every store!

48. Switch clothes with the person to your left for the rest of the game.

This is a pretty versatile dare depending on the players’ preference. You can switch socks and shoes or your whole attire if you’re feeling bold.

49. Let someone in the group a whole new hairstyle.

That’s right; the fate of your hair now lies in the hands of someone else. It’s important to decide if permanent styling methods such as cutting, shaving, and coloring are allowed first before proceeding. Safe options include using hair gel or hair spray.

50. Balance a raw egg on your head and walk around the room three times.

Whoever’s doing this will surely make the rest of the group laugh. Walking around a room with an egg on your head requires a lot of balance and self-control. You’ll be trying hard not to laugh along with your fellow players as you try to keep the egg from falling.

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