Top 8 Dice Games to Play With Friends

The games we play tend to evolve in different ways. When we are young, we play simple games like red light green light, duck, duck goose, or hide-and-seek. When we get a little older, we might play tag or manhunt to make things a little more challenging. By the time we are teenagers, spin the bottle is the height of gameplay. Whether we are young or young at heart games, especially dice games, are enjoyed to pass the time.

Top 8 dice games to play with friends. The top 8 dice games to play with friends are:

  • Left Center Right
  • Farkle
  • Yahtzee
  • Roll for It
  • Math Dice
  • Fill or Bust
  • Tenzi
  • Qwixx

The top dice games vary in the amount of dice and the number of people needed to play.

What games do you play with dice?


Bunco is a game played with nine dice. The number of players needs to be divisible by four, so the more, the better with the sweet spot being 12 people. The rules are simple: whatever number round you are on is the number you need to roll on the dice. When you roll the correct number, it is called a Bunco, and a point is awarded to that team.

Liar’s Dice

Liar’s Dice is a game of deceit and is played with five dice plus a cup to conceal their roll from the other players. Once all the players have rolled their dice, each player has to make a bid on the value of the dice. The player will continue to play until another player challenges them. If they have the dice, then the player who made the challenge loses a die.

Beat That!

Beat That! is a game using a variation of dice from 2 upwards depending on the skill of who is playing. It is a good starting game for children since all that is needed is the dice and paper for keeping score. The dice are thrown, and the highest number is determined and then passed to another player with the invitation to ‘Beat That!’ The opposite is also how the game is sometimes played, with the objective being the smallest number possible.


Mountain is a beginner dice game played with two or three dice. A mountain is shown on a piece of paper with a series of numbers leading up the mountain and then descending the other side of the mountain. To climb the mountain, you must roll each number shown on the mountain. The winner is the one who is first to climb and descend the mountain.

What games can you play with 3 dice?

Going to Boston

Going to Boston is a game with three 6-sided die and some chips for betting. You can play with two people, but it becomes more fun with more people, at least four. You determine how many chips everyone gets, and you add chips to the pot in the center. Each player has three dice rolls per turn, you add all three rolls, and that is your number for the round. Once the round is complete, the winner gets the pot.

The Three Dice Game

This game is exactly how it sounds, a game where you play with three dice. This game goes by other names, but all variations are from a Chinese banking game. Players place their bet against a banker. The banker rolls the dice first and wins if three-of-a-kind, any pair, and a six, or four-five-six. The banker loses if he throws any pair and a one or one-two-three. When the banker loses, it is the turn of the rest of the players to throw the dice with the opposite rules as the banker.

What games can you play with 6-sided dice?


Beetle is a simple game played with two or more players of rolling and drawing. All that is needed to play the game is one 6-sided die. The players roll the die and draw a body part that corresponds to the number rolled IE: A two is rolled, and you draw two eyes. The kicker, you cannot draw eyes until you draw the head.


Balut is a game you can play with two to eight players, five dice, and is named after the duck eggs that are eaten in the Philippines. In the 28 rounds, it takes to play, there is plenty of time to accumulate your points. When you roll the dice, you only get points when some of your dice lands on four, five, or six. The other way to get points is to get a straight or full house. It is fun when you roll five of a kind and get to shout Balut!


Pig can be played with one 6-sided die, a way to keep score, two to ten players, and 100 points to win. The player rolls the die and starts to accumulate points. They keep rolling until they roll a one. The player then loses all the points, and the die goes to the next player. To try and get to 100 points quicker, you can throw in a second die.


Sevens is a game played with five 6-sided die and three or more players. Each player rolls the die on their turn, removing sets of dice that add up to seven. Then the player adds up their remaining numbers for their score that round. The player can choose to roll again in an attempt to try and get a higher accumulative score with the seven combinations taken out. The winner of the round is the one with the highest score.

What games can I play with 20-sided dice?

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) is a roleplaying game using a 20-sided die. The dice has rules associated with it that determine success or failure in the game. The dungeon master (DM) describes the environment in which the players are going to have their adventure. The players need to create their character, which involves describing what they look like, choosing race, class, rolling the dice for ability scores.

The DM also gives the players options on what to do when a particular obstacle comes up. The player will then describe the action they want their character to make and rolls the dice. Whatever number the dice lands on is the action that takes place. The DM will narrate the result of the action.


Yahtwentee, or D20 Yahtzee, is a variation on Yahtzee played with a 20-sided die, and best played with 2-5 players. A player will roll five 20-sided dice, then setting aside dice of their choosing and rolling again with a max of 3 rolls.  The player will record their score based on:

  1. Number – Any number including zero
  2. Three of a kind – The number is shown on any three die
  3. Four of a kind – The number is shown on any four die
  4. Full House – If 3 of your die show the same number and the other two show another set the same number
  5. Small Straight – If 4 or 5 dice have sequential numbers
  6. Large Straight – If all five dice have sequential numbers
  7. Crit – If all 5 show the same number

Even if the score is zero, it needs to be recorded in the column. Once every player has scored in each category, the player with the highest sc

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